Guitar in Corridor ūüĀô Sputnik 2 & Ilford Delta 400. Developed in Perceptol. 

This is the ongoing, quite personal account of my endeavours into stereoscopic photography. Some parts of the journal have been censored but will be displayed at the installation in full and likely in accompanying print. This is the first in an experimental series of mixed media, performance, and photography. A concept installation to explore the relationship between meaning and immersion in a vivid and vibrant vision.  

A Soviet Export Sputnik 2 

The first stereoscopic camera I had ever shot with.

Rage - Self Portrait 2021

My David White Co. Stereo Realist Camera

Self Portrait - Sputnik 2 & Ilford Delta 400. Perceptol.

Accidental Double Exposure on Test Roll in the Stereo Realist - Ilford HP5+

Missing - First Test Roll of Delta 400 in Sputnik 2.

Pane of Glass in a Garden - Oxford Suburbs 2021 - HP5+ & Realist. This shot was taking in almost complete darkness, at night, on a tripod for two and a half minutes in an overgrown ditch next to the A420.

Underpass - Heyford Roundabout, Oxford - HP5+ & Realist 

Coldharbor - HP5+ & Realist 

Canal - HP5+ & Realist 

I Waited for You for a Long Time - HP5+ - Realist

The Boat Hermit - HP5+ 

Cost - Fujifilm C200 - Digibase

Murk - Fujifilm C200 - Digibase 

Using the Stereo Realist in the Wild - Canon EOS 5 - Kodak Proimage 100

Take it Off - Realist - C200

Sami's Kebab Trailer - Abingdon, 2021

Fuck me dead if you've made it this far. Fair play. Part 2. coming soon. 

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